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ResortCityCountryMin ($) ▴
Mar Del Sur (2)VaraderoCuba$749$749-----------
Villa Sotavento (2)$759$759-----------
Villas Jibacoa (3)$789$789-----------
Club Karey (2+)$809$809-----------
Club Los Delfines (3)$819$819-----------
Villa Tortuga (3)$819$819-----------
Sunbeach (2+)$819$819-----------
Villa Cuba (3)$819$819-----------
Bellevue Puntarena Playa Caleta Resort (3)$839$839-----------
Club Tropical (2+)$839$839-----------
Bellevue Palma Real (3+)$839$839-----------
Melia Marina Varadero (5)$849$849-----------
Be Live Turquesa (3+)$899$899-----------
Tuxpan Varadero (3)$919$919-----------
Hotel Acuazul (3)$948$948-----------
Club Amigo Aguas Azules (3)$975$975-----------
Club Kawama (3)$985$985-----------
Breezes Bella Costa (4)$989$989-----------
Playa D'Oro (4)$995$995-----------
Brisas Del Caribe (3)$999$999-----------
Starfish Cuatro Palmas (3)$1,005$1,005-----------
Naviti Varadero (3+)$1,009$1,009-----------
ROC Barlovento (3)$1,015$1,015-----------
ROC Arenas Doradas (3+)$1,025$1,025-----------
Memories Varadero (4)$1,035$1,035-----------
Sol Sirenas Coral (3+)$1,039$1,039-----------
Breezes Varadero (4)$1,039$1,039-----------
Barcelo Arenas Blancas (4)$1,045$1,045-----------
Memories Jibacoa (4)$1,055$1,055-----------
Riu Varadero (4)$1,055$1,055-----------
Ocean Varadero El Patriarca (4+)$1,069$1,069-----------
Iberostar Playa Alameda (4+)$1,079$1,079-----------
Blau Marina Varadero Resort (4)$1,085$1,085-----------
Sol Palmeras (3+)$1,095$1,095-----------
Melia Las Antillas (4+)$1,095$1,095-----------
Blau Varadero (4)$1,095$1,095-----------
Iberostar Tainos (4)$1,105$1,105-----------
Iberostar Laguna Azul (4+)$1,109$1,109-----------
Be Live Las Morlas (3+)$1,119$1,119-----------
Blau Privilege Cayo Libertad (4+)$1,145$1,145-----------
Melia Varadero (4)$1,155$1,155-----------
Melia Peninsula Varadero (4+)$1,159$1,159-----------
Melia Las Americas (4)$1,215$1,215-----------
Royalton Hicacos Resort and Spa (5)$1,235$1,235-----------
Iberostar Varadero (4+)$1,275$1,275-----------
Paradisus Princess Del Mar (5)$1,345$1,345-----------
Paradisus Varadero (5)$1,395$1,395-----------
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Varadero Vacations from Toronto

Varadero Summary
When your next vacation takes you to Varadero, Cuba, you will want to look into one of the Varadero Vacation Packages from Toronto. Your vacation should start with the calm in knowing that your entire vacation is already preplanned, with no unexpected surprises.
Varadero is a widely-known hot spot to vacation; besides the usual draw of the amazing beach, there is so much to do in Varadero (especially if you are into watersports and outdoor excursions).
Varadero Accomodations
Through the planning process of your vacation, you have access to the usual large chain hotels or, you can change it up and stay in one of the Casa Particulares (a private house or private room with amenities) which is more affordable than you may think. Some are located right downtown and some are located close to or within walking distance of the beach.
Varadero Climate
You can bet the weather will be nothing shy of spectacular when you visit Varadero. Outside of the wet season, if you time your vacation to the dry months (November to April) you will be more than happy to be spending your vacation outside.
Varadero Exploration
If you are not looking for heavy activities during your stay in Varadero, you can keep in mind that there are numerous festivals that take place all year long. The Varadero Carnival that is held once a year provides parades, live music & dancing and activities to participate in (a celebration of the Cuban heritage). The Varadero Gourmet Festival is a sampler’s delight of wonderful tastes that are all prepared by famous Chefs.
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