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Varadero Vacations

Varadero Vacations

Varadero Vacation Packages welcomes you warmly and excitedly to the Caribbean’s foremost location for resorts. Located just a bit to the east of Havana, Varadero is where every person goes when they want resorts like crazy.
Varadero is visited by such a huge amount of people daily that it’s no wonder so many resorts popped up. If one looked at a map of Varadero, they might be confused, considering that Varadero comprises of one massively thin neck of land stretching out from Cuba like one of those little mirrors doctors use to check behind your teeth, but this is Varadero, and Varadero is hip and happening, but Cuban style instead.
Don’t let Cuban stereotypes make you think Varadero would be crime-laden...but on the other hand, keeping your valuables hidden away from plain view would be the smart thing to do, just in case.
Varadero Vacation Packages will show you that, despite Varadero being such a resort town, you’d never know without going there and seeing for yourself, that Varadero was once a dry dock (literally what the Spanish word varadero means) for the entire Spanish fleet at times, and salt mines once existed here that also supplied Spain’s fleet, but they eventually dried up, leading to this place seeing (MUCH later) a revival as a resort town.
Varadero Vacations will also show you that, despite Varadero being a good place for resorts and beaches and relaxation, there’s quite a bit of stuff IN the town of Varadero that you can hang out at and check out. Such places include Parque Josone, Cueva de Ambrosio, Cayo Piedras del Norte, Reserva Ecologica, Mansion Xanadu, Marina Gaviota, Parque Central, Parque de las 8000 Taquillas, Museo Municipal de Varadero, Iglesia de Santa Elvira, among a great deal of others.
Vacation Packages in Varadero will introduce you to one of Varadero’s more unique aspects, which lies in its cuisine. You might think that Varadero would be sort of like Havana, where almost nothing but Cuban cuisine is served here...but you would be incorrect, as all of the resorts serve international cuisines and allow you to sample various different foods...
But don’t think for a moment that Varadero has forgotten its roots, nor the country it is proud of...for a lot of Cuban cuisine can be found here as well, so if you are curious about how Cuban food tastes, then you can sample nearly whatever you want. Everyday staples include rice, corn, beans, plantains, rabbit & lobster are widely consumed and vegetable stew.
Vacations in Varadero introduces you to Varadero’s nightlife, which is quite thriving, thanks to the resorts.
Many of the places you can hang out at are clubs and bars and such that open themselves up to the nighttime masses; people who want nothing more than to chill out after an exciting day at the resorts.
Some of the places you can hang out at are places such as The Beatles Bar-Restaurant, Cabaret Cueva del Pirata, Cabaret Continental, Club Mambo, Cafeccino, Sala de la Musica, Calle 62, Palacio de la Rumba, and Habana Cafe, among many others.

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